We crossed our fingers for decent trick or treating weather and it worked! I took my daughter Bella out about about in the Little City area of Bangor with Craig Colson and his daughters  We also ended up on the porch of the great Chris Popper (Oh, Hi!) Chris and his wife Bonnie pass out BIG CANDY BARS!!!! Way to bring it, Popper!
Not long as seeing Chris, we got some sweet treats from our good friend Tracy from Metropolitan Soul in Bangor! She totally rocks! After about an hour of kicking around leaves and knocking on doors, we were done. Bella collected so much candy that her trick or treat bag broke! I will clearly need to bring some of this into the station to share!

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween evening!!! It's time for me to kick back and watch 'The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown' on ABC.