4 weeks already?!?!??! Holy cow!

I am feeling better each and every day! Don't get me wrong, I still have to take things pretty slow right now. If I am more active than I should be, I notice the swelling increase with that activity. Most days are pretty good though! I follow the doctors' orders fairly well! :)

In my last blog, I talked about maybe having to have the fluid taken out with needles in the office. Well, last week I went in.

Dr. Harrington said she didn't think I had enough fluid to merit using the needle, but I was pretty uncomfortable so she attempted to get it out. Since the area of fluid was spread out, it did not want to come out! So, she said to keep resting and my body would do the job! So far, so good!

I'm feeling a lot more confident about myself that's for sure! I went to Target and bought a bikini! Do you understand how big of a deal this is for me??? I have NEVER owned a bikini in my entire life! Crazy, huh?

So, with that being said, here it is!

My first bikini! Ever! Taken By: ME (Who doesn't love a good selfie with an Instagram filter?)

As I go through the healing process and my figure comes together a little more, I will post my before and after photos.

My friend Danielle took some pretty sweet "before" photos and she comes by each week on Tuesday evening to take photos of my progress! It's insane how much I change each week! I I'm not sure how soon I'll get there. I suppose most of it depends on ME and how easy I am on my body! It's just so difficult to sit still in the summer!

I'm a go, go, go type gal!

Talk soon!