Hi, Guys!

I'm officially ten days post-op today! I'm actually feeling pretty great. I do get tired very easily though. I went to see Dr. Harrington this morning. She was able to remove one of my drains. I still have one left. I'm hoping to have that last one removed when I go see Dr. Branch on Monday.

Thom brought me in to the office after my appointment this morning. It was so great to see my work family! It's amazing how much I miss that place when I'm not there. Everyone is super supportive and it feels so nice to feel that love from them!

I also made my first trip out and about last night. I went to a sing along performance at Bella's school! The kid's were so cute! Check out my little girl! She's the cutest, right??? ;)

Bella at her Kindergarten performance 6/6/13

It was nice to get out, put "real clothes" on and a little makeup. I felt like a real human being for the first time in 9 days! Here is a shot of me right before leaving the house. Keep in mind I'm using the "MySpace angle" here. I am still VERY swollen and I think this picture makes me look a little smaller than I actually am right now. But you get the idea.

Me right before going to Bella's performance 6/6/13

I was pretty sore when I woke up today because of the extra activity going to that show last night. SUPER WORTH IT THOUGH! Seeing my little girl smiling, singing, dancing and waving at me was the best therapy in the whole world! It made my heart so happy!

Today and for the rest of the weekend I need to take it super easy and stay off my feet as much as possible. I'm going back to work on Monday and I'm going to need all the energy I can possibly get! I know I'm going to be very tired next week. The great news is, everyone at work is very understanding and always willing to help when I need it!

It's time for me to sit back and watch some mindless reality TV on Netflix! I'll update you next week I'm sure.