Oh boy! What a ride this whole process is!

My version of "taking it easy" and Dr. Branch's version of "taking it easy" are clearly different.

I went to see him yesterday and everything IS right on track. I don't have any sign on infection, I was able to have my last drain removed and I'm looking pretty good overall.

The only thing that he didn't like was that I seem to be collecting some extra fluid. He said to avoid stairs and limit walking around at work. Hello! The studio is upstairs! Yikes!

He mentioned that this next week is more important than even last week as far as taking it easy. Now that my drains are gone, the fluid doesn't have anywhere to go. My body will naturally absorb some fluid, but if I do too much, there is a chance I'd have to have it removed in the office. THIS MEANS NEEDLES PEOPLE! I don't like needles. I guess I'm going to sit on my bum a lot! ;)

I think in Dr. Branch's ideal world, I'd be home resting and not even back to work yet. My surgery was a big one! I have to remember how involved it really was. I'm going through an incredible transformation, but my body needs time to heal itself in order for everything to go as planned!

I keep wanting to post photos. I'm sure some of you are curious. My friend Danielle visits me each week and takes updated photos! Obviously there is a HUGE difference already, but I'm still very swollen. I think I'm going to hold off a few more weeks until the bulk of this swelling goes down before I share the full before and after shots with all of you!

I will share THESE with you! You can't see the REAL DIFFERENCE with the dress on, but you get the idea. Clearly I now have a more defined waist for sure! After all the swelling goes away, I think I may disappear! ;) HA! Just kidding!

All joking aside, I feel so happy with my decision to have this surgery done. I still have a lot of recovering to do, but it totally blows my mind what Dr. Branch and Dr. Harrington were able to do!

I lost 6lbs of skin alone! That's crazy, right? My stomach was obviously the bulk of that. Lets do the math shall we? 292-145 = 147! That's my heaviest compared to my lightest. THAT'S A WHOLE PERSON! I'll be honest, I will probably never see 145 again. That was at a year post-op gastric bypass, 19 years old and pre-baby!

I weighed 169 the morning I had surgery. I stepped on the scale this morning and I weigh 163. I'm still holding a lot of fluid, so I guess I must have also lost some weight from lack of appetite and probably lack of muscle mass from the decrease in my activity. I'm sure once my swelling goes away, I'll be somewhere in the high 150's.

I should care though. This is not about a number on the scale. This is about me and my body image. It's about feeling comfortable in my own skin. I felt like a monster before. I felt deformed.

Extra skin like that just is not normal. It's "normal" to be a little heavy. It's "normal" to have cellulite on your thighs. We are human. The extra skin was just something I could never get out of my head. I needed it gone. I feel so much better with that part of me gone.

Well, I think that's enough for now! Stayed tuned for another update!