Hey, Guys!!! I made it!!!

I can't say I'm pain free, but I don't think the pain is as bad overall as I imagined it would be. I obviously have my moments where I scream out in pain though. My body has gone through a lot.

They took away 6lbs of skin! To me that doesn't seem like much, but then I saw the photo. holy crap!!!! I will not be sharing that one for sure.

My nurse Dawn, Dr. Branch and Dr. Harrington have all personally called in these few days after to check up on me. It makes me feel really good that they are still thinking about me and are there if I need them.

Thom, Mary and Danielle and Tina have been awesome. You know you have some great friends when they will help give you a sponge bath and empty blood out of your drains for you! Gross, Huh??? It's all part of it though.

well I need more rest. I am sure I'll update you with pics in a few days!