This isn't Dr. 90210, Guys.

There is nothing glamorous about recovering from any surgery, even cosmetic.

Here is sit, in my button down, long shirt. My hair is up in a messy bun, I'm wearing a headband to try to mask my one week unwashed hair. Yep, I can't take a shower. Not until the drains come out. Don't know what the drains are all about? Google it. I'll spare you.

I'm actually feeling pretty good this morning. Mornings are my best time. I've been sleeping pretty well with the help of Melatonin. I'm trying out a new pain killer, the non narcotic kind. That way I can have a clear head and get some work done from home.

I've moved my post-op appointment from next Monday to this coming Friday. I'm crossing my fingers that I can get my drains out and get the thumbs up to return to work. We'll see though. I'm trying not to push it too much. I tend to do that.

I'm excited for today because my stylist, Brandy is coming over to help me wash my hair! Exciting stuff, I know. Tomorrow my massage therapist, Kylee is coming over to give me a chair massage. My back has been killing me because I walk hunched over like an old lady.

I know you're probably wanting to see some before/after photos. I'm working on it. I still am pretty swollen and will be for a few more weeks I think. I am thrilled with what I see for a result so far! It's so weird looking down and seeing a FLAT STOMACH!!! For now, here is a head shot of me as I sit here and drink my coffee. Sexy, huh? Nope. HA HA!


One week post-op, One week no shower = UGH!