I am probably as excited as any fan of "Breaking Bad" to watch the final episodes this summer, but not as excited as one fan.

Secrets from the final season could be spilled after one of the show's scripts was stolen from "Walter White" himself, star Bryan Cranston,

Someone broke onto Cranston's side passenger window and took a shoulder bag containing an iPad and a copy of a "Breaking Bad" script, according to a criminal complaint filed by Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

The Sherriff's Office arrested suspect Xavier McAfee in connection with the theft.

McAfee, not being too bright, was bragging at a local bar about how he broke into a vehicle and obtained the "Breaking Bad" script.

If you have never seen the show, it quite simply RULES. Cranston plays high chemistry teacher Walt White, who joins the world of meth dealing after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. It's a must see in my humble opinion.

Here is a little of Cranston's genius as Walter White.