Bigger, lighter and deadlier!

Bath Iron Works launched its new model of DDG-1000 warships. The USS Zumwalt silently cut through the waters of the Kennebec River Monday night. The ship is the result of $9 billion in research, and $20 billion in designing and delivering a total of seven ships. These bad boys are scary awesome!

The ship's canopy features a carbon fiber composite that makes the ship lighter. At 610 feet long and 81 feet wide, the ship is longer and thinner than any other Navy destroyer. Being this big could be a disadvantage, but the Zumwalt has a trick up it's sleeve.

The destroyer's canopy and rest of the ship is built on angles, giving it a radar signature comparable to a fishing boat!

That's not all the tech loaded on this bad boy! The ship's weapon system is capable of firing rocket powered, computer-guided shells, over 60 miles! That's is three-times farther than any other Navy destroyer. The new Advanced Gun System (AGS) can fire 80 missals including Tomahawk cruise missiles and Seasparrow surface to air missiles. Oh, almost forgot, the AGS is self-firing. No sailors are needed to load and remove missile shells.

Although the ship took its first dip in the water, the ship is not going anywhere. The ship still needs more construction. It will be handed over the the Navy next year.

Usually when a ship touches water for the first time, BIW hosts a christening ceremony. Unfortunately the government shutdown forced the Navy to cancel the event. It will be rescheduled for next year when the Zumwalt is fully ready for the high seas.

Bath built, is best built!