A Belfast family who has dedicated their time to helping others is now on the receiving end as the community helps them recover from a house fire.

I interviewed Ashley Sorrentino last year, when a fundraiser was being held to try and get her Clothing Shed enterprise into a larger location. At the time, Sorrentino was running the Waldo County Families Helping Families Clothing Shed out of her carport and acted as a go-between for used clothing. There was no charge for the items that ranged from shirts and jeans to suits and gowns. She'd take whatever folks wanted to donate and helped parents in the community clothe their kids for school or obtain a formal outfit for a prom. Adults could take part too, picking up things like professional clothes for a pending job interview.

On Friday, crews were called to the Sorrentino family's Belfast home to a report of a fire. Investigators determined that wood stacked too close to the wood stove had sparked the blaze. The home was gutted and the family worried that they wouldn't have a place to celebrate Christmas. But the community is rallying to help the folks who has done so much to help them over the years. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family get back on their feet.