It's a Tetanus vaccine waiting to happen. Bangor's Skate Park hopes to one day rise above the ghetto moniker that it has earned over the past few years. What was once a great idea just a few years ago, has now become a total failure and eyesore. And the sad fact is that no one really wants the park near them.

Let's start here: Honestly, you really can't compare the equipment (ramps, jumps, etc.) with anything that's professional and meant to last. I'm sure the existing equipment was nice when it was assembled new, but time and much use has decimated it. Kids need the 'real deal, ' and I don't even know what that is, but they need it.

The location of the skate park, as recently reported, is out of the way. It's hard to notice as you pass by on Union St. in Bangor, but the equipment was moved from the old Bangor Auditorium front parking area to a lot next to the city's recycle center. It's really out of the way for kids to travel to easily. We need a new location that's accessible and can be monitored by law enforcement without too much effort.

We applaud the efforts of the visionaries, organizers, and creative talent that pioneered the skate park, but it's time for the communities to step up and give the kids a place to recreate and get some much needed exercise.

Please browse through the pictures and leave some creative and helpful comments as how to move forward.