Bangor Police chatted with this driver recently when he was hauling a giant pumpkin in his pickup, but the reason is not what you'd expect.

Officer Dustin Dow probably felt a bit like Linus Van Pelt on Friday when he saw the Great Pumpkin traveling through Bangor on the back of a pickup truck. The 1,477 pound pumpkin had just come in second at the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest. The winning pumpkin was over 1,700 pounds. Somehow I think both are too big to 'rise up out of the pumpkin patch' like the Great Pumpkin, however.

The driver and farmer responsible for the tremendous pumpkin, Elroy Morgan, was approached by Officer Dow and given a warning. But it wasn't for the way the pumpkin was tied down, or the amount of weight it was putting on that poor pickup truck. Nope. You have to read the Bangor PD's article to find out what Mr. Morgan's offense was. I'm sure the encounter gave him a good chuckle as he drove home and tried to figure out what he was going to do with all that pumpkin!