The holiday blockbusters are here!!!

Here are the showtimes for "Catching Fire" 11:30am/12:15pm/1:30pm/2:45pm/3:40pm/4:45pm/6:20pm/7:00pm/8:00pm/9:30pm/10:00pm

Here are the showtimes and trailers for everything else playing. Be sure to tune in weekday mornings at 8:10 for the "Impossible Question" to win tix to the flix from The Z Morning Show.

Frozen (PG) 11:15am/12:00pm/1:40pm/4:00pm/5:00pm In 3D 2:20pm/7:20pm

Delivery Man (PG-13)12:20pm/3:00pm/6:30pm/9:00pm

Thor: The Dark World (PG-13) 1:30pm/4:10pm/6:45pm/9:15pm

Jackass Presents:Bad Grandpa (R) 3:30pm/10:00pm

Homefront (R) 1:45pm/4:45pm/7:40pm/10:00pm

The Book Thief (PG-13) 11:10am/1:50pm/4:30pm/7:10pm/9:50pm

Out of the Furnace (R) 1:00pm /3:20pm/7:30pm/9:55pm