A couple who survived the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado plans to make July 20th a better day.

Eugene Han and Kirstin Davis where both at the midnight primer of Batman: Dark Knight Rises when James Holmes opened fire on the crowd, killing 12 and wounding 58. Eugene pulled Kirstin to safety but was shot twice in the process; once in the hip and once in the knee.

For the couple, it's all about showing others that it's okay to move on. Eugene says in the video, 'Why not make it a better day? Bad things happen, but you can keep going.'

The positive minded couple can't ignore the ongoing legal battle, but are confident in their faith in dictating the future.

James Holmes is facing 166 counts for the theater shooting. He's planning on pleading 'guilty by reason of insanity.' His lawyer says it's basically the only option for Holmes.