Ever wonder what kids are doing when they stare blankly at a smartphone all day?

I saw the new Apple iPhone 5S holiday ad last night while watching "The Voice" and I was surprised at how moving it was and that's saying alot, coming from a Grinch like myself.

During the ad, a family is together enjoying the holiday,except for a teenage boy who is just off to the side of all the action, face buried into his phone. The payoff comes at the end of the ad, when it's revealed that he in fact, had been filming everything and pieces together a movie that he shows to his family on Christmas day.

Of course, this is to let you know how amazing the 5S camera is, but I may or may not have bawled like a baby at the end...I will never tell for sure.

Do we all spend a little too much time on our phones and not enough talking to one another face to face? Yes, but that is one sweet phone. Hello Santa?