For the second time in a week, another golf cart accident has taken place in Maine.  This time on Frye Island, a 1.6 mile wide island which is located within Sebago Lake.

The accident Tuesday afternoon around 5:30 involved a limousine style golf cart  which contains bench row seating.  Seven passengers of all ages who were not wearing seat belts were thrown from the cart as the driver lost control going down a gradual hill.

One teenager and one adult are in serious condition at this writing.

Residents of Frye Island commonly use golf carts for transportation.

This follows a golf cart accident that happened this past Saturday in Casco in which a man fell from cart being driven by Gary Belinsky, 59, of Westford, Massachusetts.  Belinksky has been charged with drunk driving, his blood alcohol level was above the 0.08 legal limit.  He could be charged even further as his passenger, John McKay, 52, of Sanford, died as a result of the accident.

Watch the video below as to how to drive a golf cart. Rule #1, always buckle up!