Ah, nothing like sitting back and launching a bird at an evil pig. Now the birds and pigs will be battling on the big screen!

Game developer Rovio has announced that the Angry Birds will be hitting theaters in the summer of 2016. Rovio has called on John Cohen to produce the flick. Cohen's resume includes the films Despicable Me and Hop.

Rovio will also be rolling out 52 short episodes weekly through digital mediums. Since the company has the internal resources to finance and produce the film and short films, Rovio can choose it's forms of distribution. The company hopes to make the episodes and film available on smartphones and tablets.

While four years is a long wait for a movie baised on a smartphone game, Rovio is confident that they will still have fans in 2016. As of October of this year Angry Birds has over 1 billion downloads, 20-30 million daily users and about 200 million monthly users.

The summer of 2016 shall be a great year for birds and an upsetting one for evil pigs!