The Bangor Police Department's Facebook feature 'Got Warrants' is always a fun read, and this week's is no exception. Where's Waldo? In jail, of course!

Sergeant Tim Cotton won an award not too long ago for his humor writing. And it's very well deserved! His Facebook posts are witty, well-written, and keep me engaged in the context even when I don't know any of the players. (which is almost all the time)

Each week, the 'Got Warrants' feature lists some of the more interesting calls to which police personnel have responded. There are usually drug issues and people who really shouldn't be driving, like this week's 'Where's Waldo.' Add in the guy who thought he could fool police by hiding the woman who'd taken out a protection order against him by sliding her under the bed, and the woman arguing with her boyfriend who got him strip-searched by lying to police, and it's a pretty entertaining read!

But the high point comes right at the beginning, with a guy named Marcial Obar. He contacted police, not to report a crime, but rather to turn over money that he found in a public clothes dryer. And Cotton says he didn't even hold out a couple of bucks to pay for his wash. Nice going, Marcial!

If you've never read 'Got Warrants,' or even if you have, I encourage you to check this one out. And make these features a part of your week. While the subject matter is serious, the writing will bring smiles. (and give you something to talk about around the water cooler!)