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There was a lot of green moving Friday throughout the state, and there will be for the next few weeks to come.

You're apt to see that green securely fastened to car rooftops as people transport their "just right" Christmas tree home.

Some folks prefer the ease of stopping by a local tree stand, while still others love the outdoor excursion with the family to a local farm where they can cut their own.

You might not consider all the work that goes into running a tree farm.

It's definitely an investment of time and the ability to gauge the market as one local tree farmer explains in the video.

You're reminded that if you purchase a fresh tree, the butt of the tree will seal up within an hour. So in order to keep the tree fresh throughout the Christmas season you need to cut an inch or two from the bottom before putting it into the tree stand. Water it immediately, and daily, to prevent it from drying out and becoming a fire hazard.

Check here for more information, or to locate a tree farm near you.