Bangor, Maine is very unusual, but we are not the only Bangor in the world. Here's some interesting facts our popular sister city in Ireland. 

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Bangor is the 3rd largest town in Northern Ireland and is considered to also be the wealthiest. It was also recently voted the most desirable place to live in Northern Ireland, and that's obvious with a population over 60,000. Bangor, Maine has a meager population of more than 33,000.   The weather there isn't too bad either! January's average temperature is 59F and the summer high average is 85F with very rare severe weather events. Ireland's Bangor has a much longer history than Bangor, Maine, meaning there is a lot of historic sites to see. This also means the architecture in some places is very unique and interesting as well.

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It seems our sister city has more in common with another Maine city than it does Bangor. Portland, Maine and Bangor, Ireland are both popular tourist destinations on the ocean. Bangor, Ireland boasts many parks and local culture also similar to Portland, Maine. Bangor, Ireland is one of the lowest for crime like Bangor Maine, but like Portland it does have a bit of a reputation for some trouble in the areas with local bars, especially on weekends.

One of the most popular spots for visitors is the Marina. Bangor Ireland's Marina is like Bangor, Maine's downtown area. It is a popular place during the day as well as the night with the hub of nightlife nearby. Other popular spots in Bangor Ireland include Bangor Castle, Heritage Centre, Bangor Abbey,Pickie Fun Park, and The Coastal Path Walk.

It is safe to say both Bangors have a lot to offer, and they are different in so many ways. But we are still partial to our Bangor! It is worth mentioning there is a Bangor, Michigan as well. They have a population of 1,885 and the Mascot for their Bangor High School is the Vikings. There's also a Bangor, Pennsylvania.

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