"Yeeeahhhhh! Gooood Mornin' Everybody! Comin' at ya!

Ever since I was a little kid playing disc jockey in my bedroom, I have wanted to be in radio. And for many years now, I have been doing just that. And although I will never get rich doing it, you do it because you love it and because people appreciate and respond to it in such a great way.

I came across this video of old school disc jockeys who I tried to copy when I was starting out. In fact, I was given an old school name too. Instead of using my real name, I remember working at Fox 104.7 and was told I could pick one of three names.

  • Hollywood Hamilton
  • Jimmy Jamm
  • Kid Kelly

Clearly all three are ridiculous, but I had to choose and I chose "Kid" because I was one pretty much and it made me think of "Billy The Kid" or Prince's character in "Purple Rain" who was called "The Kid". It seemed like the lesser of three evils.

So check out this video of what now seem like super cheesy disc jockeys. But I can tell you that when I was much younger, I thought some of these guys were super cool and tried my best to copy them...Maybe one day I will upload some old shows I did as a teenager...Maybe