An abandoned bike, a bloody boot, and hands reaching out from a sewer drain. The new Stephen King themed display has caused some curiosity, so here are the details. 

Amanda McDonald

Coming soon to the Standard Shoe Building at 48 Main Street will be a new bookstore. But this is not your ordinary book store, Gerald Winters & Son offers some one of a kind items included some from local favorite Stephen King.

Some of Winter's collection will be displayed in a museum type area There will also be rare manuscripts, books, letters and other memorabilia for sale according to the Bangor Daily News. 

The store front window displaying a scene from Stephen King's 'IT' caught our eye and has been an interest to passersby. On the other side of the door is a J.R.R. Tolkien display, another author who is a favorite of Winters as shown by some of his collection. View some of the interesting things from his collection here. 

Amanda McDonald

The new store plans to open within the month. They do have a Facebook page to stay up to dates with their progress. View their Facebook here.