The dance with death was missing one thing, TUNES!

A Swedish company, Pause Ljud & Bild, has made the afterlife ROCKIN! They have created a coffin that is complete with two-way speakers and a sub woofer. That's not all, the coffin has a 4G connection to the headstone where loved ones can pick some tunes for you.

The headstone features a touch screen with a Spotify account so visitors can see what your jamin' to and add some songs to your playlist. In the coffin, the speakers will thump away. All the speakers are tuned to perfection in relation to the acoustic space of the coffin. Superior sound, six feet under!

The CEO of the company vows to be burred in one of these bad boys. He even invites strangers to visit his grave and add some songs to his playlist.

The CataCombo Sound System costs a 'reasonable' $30,000.