Bruno Mars keeps it simple, others…are a little…out there.

Madonna – If I was world famous this would be on my list. Madge requests all the toilet seats backstage be brand new. Good call!

Britney Spears - Brit can be hella demanding! She wants a private phone line in her dressing room for outgoing calls only. Matter of fact she'll fine the promoter $5,000 per-incoming call. Dose she not know what a cell phone is? She also wants two boxes of Pop Tarts, a box of Fruit Loops, cable TV, two six-foot sofas and an oder-free rug.

J-Lo - Jennifer Lopez loves white, that's why she requests most everything to be white in her dressing room. White tablecloths, drapes, flowers, candles and couches.

Mariah Carey - Happy Birthday Mariah! What do you want for your birthday? Oh, you want bunnies, kittens and puppies? Actually that's what she demands in her dressing room. In addition to her petting zoo, she asks for Christal champagne and bendy straws.

Ke$ha - We love her because she's nuts, her back stage demands are as awesome as her. She demands glitter, hot dogs and books on the origin of species. Didn't really take a lady who uses a $ in her name as a deep thinker. Who knew!