According to an article in the Boston Herald, three Seabrook New Hampshire cops have been placed on leave after a video recorded in 2009 shows police abuse.

Recently, Michael Bergeron, 23, of Seabrook, posted a video on You Tube that shows him being lead down a police station corridor by three officers and then being slammed head first into a wall after being arrested for drunk driving.  After Bergeron is slammed into the wall he then collapses onto the floor in a heap, at that point he is definitely dazed and confused if not out cold.

I think that the hardest part of the video to watch is what happens next.  While Bergeron is on the floor another officer sprays him with pepper spray and then gives the camera a grin.

Bergeron claims he obtained the video from his former lawyer and that he suffered a brain injury and chipped teeth from the incident.